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The Stallings Team of home lending experts is a premier lender for Smith Douglas Homes. Together, we help bring quality, integrity, and value to your Southern home.

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From Atlanta to Charlotte, from Birmingham to Nashville, and beyond, Smith Douglas Homes has become a cornerstone in the foundation for Southern housing needs. Smith Douglas helps potential homeowners through every step of the process when searching for and buying the home of their dreams. Regardless of your budget, and for whatever your needs entail for the future, Smith Douglas Homes helps you build or buy the perfect home for you and your family. Centered in cities and areas throughout the southern United States that boast strong economies, healthy job markets, great school systems, and more, you’d be hard pressed to find a better advocate for your home owning needs than the professionals from Smith Douglas Homes.

So, what happens when you’re sure that you’ve found your dream home, but the financial situation doesn’t seem feasible? What if the home seems just out of your price range? What if you’re unsure you can get approved for an appropriate home loan? When it seems impossible, the Stallings Team of home loan experts wants to help you believe in your dreams of owning the perfect home!

Since the very beginning, we’ve been helping good people, just like you and your family, achieve the home loans they need for the Smith Douglas Homes they love. As premier lenders for Smith Douglas Homes, we work hard to keep the home loan process simple, and to give you the best possible results you could hope for from an experienced mortgage broker. Contact us today to receive a zero-cost, no-obligation quote that accurately and effectively gives you the best rate possible for your new home!

“The Stallings Team is an amazing group of people! They really made the process easy, step by step. They were informative and very helpful. I am a new homeowner thanks to the Stallings Team! I highly recommend them!”

~Earl Buggs II, Satisfied Customer

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